Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catch All

Can I just say, I am SO excited for the upcoming week. Check this out:

* Monday - my sister's family will be spending 8 hours in Grand Cayman as part of their Carnival cruise. I can't wait to see their sweet faces again, and to give them a tour of our new home!
* Tuesday - we fly home to Cincinnati and I get to see the rest of my family. I've missed them so much!
* Wednesday - our third annual KruStone Christmas with our C-Mas kindred spirits, Jordan and Elizabeth Stone
* Thursday - Bongey family (relatives on my mom's side) Christmas party
* Friday - Christmas Day!

Then the following Tuesday we head to SC to see Brent's family - and reunite with our precious Walter!

I'm thinking that this will probably be the last post before we head to the States, so consider this a random catch-all for the last couple weeks.

On December 9th, we went to Abacus for our weekly date night. Awesome outdoor eating right in the heart of Camana Bay.

Brent said this place is now in his top five Cayman restaurants. Of course I must share the pictures of our food. Brent's seabass and my goat cheese ravioli below:

That Saturday after our second adventure on the boat, we went back to Camana Bay for the Parade of Lights. Boats of all shapes and sizes get decked out with millions of Christmas lights and "parade" past the crowds. We got there a little late and it was PACKED. We wedged into a tiny spot against the harbor and got to see the boats up close, but then decided to just walk around the vendors and watch the parade on the several large screens set up around the shopping center.

This Friday we went back to Agua for our anniversary date. I really can't believe I waited this long to go back for those amazing brandy lobster crepes! We got to sit outside this time and it was the perfect breezy evening.

Brent got the seabass here too, but liked Abacus' better.

Me and my beloved lobster crepes

Finally, a picture from the sweet swap I went to this afternoon. This event was hosted by one of the girls from Jenn's work and attended by 14 girl accountants...and me. I had such a great time - it was a lot of fun to taste some traditional desserts from other places. Now Brent and I have the pleasure of eating a couple dozen sweets before we leave on Tuesday...

So many wonderful December memories. And I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all the snow facebook statuses from my toasty apartment. But now I am ready to bundle up and dive into the winter-y Christmas season! America, here we come!


  1. How exciting!! I hope you have a great week, and a Merry Christmas! (And yes, this past week was super busy for us so we will definitely get together in January!!)

  2. have fun with the swartzentrubers!!! and a wonderful trip home!