Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Update

I forgot to mention that we went to dinner with some people from PwC Tuesday night. There were 9 people there (two other married couples) and I was the only non-accountant at the table. I guess I'll be a little out of my element here :) We went to Triple Crown Pub, and I ordered a veggie burger. It was wonderful - I told Brent that it was better than most the regular burgers I've had.

I took these shots by the pool yesterday. There was still a little sunshine after we went to the beach (well, it wasn't very sunshine-y, but at least it wasn't raining). I guess you could call this "paradise":

Another random note - I am not sure what to do with my hair in this foreign place. It's so humid, and we are caught in a drizzle at least once a day. Straightening seems ridiculous, but when I curled it they all fell out into a frizzy mess. Yesterday I just blew it dry, then put it up. I think there will be a lot of pony tails happening here. Maybe things will be different when rainy season passes...

Last night Brent and I went to Aqua for a dinner date. It was maybe the best meal I've ever had! Brent ordered Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops with Champagne Rice in Mushroom Sauce and I got Brandy Lobster Crepes. It was all so decadent...I can't even put into words! (Am I blogging too much about food??)

Today Brent's been calling about cars, and we went back to some of the apartments we saw yesterday. We didn't go back inside any of them, but we wanted to park our car there and actually walk to the beach to see how long it would really take (everyone tells you it's "just a short walk" but it took us 17 minutes from one place!). It was beautiful weather walking to the beach, pretty hot actually. We walked along the shore a bit but didn't get in since we had the long walk back. It was still nice when we got to the second location. It drizzled while we walked to that beach, then it was DOWNPOUR on the way back. We were absolutely soaked, singing "If you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain..."

More adventures to come...


  1. I LOVE that mental picture of you guys walking in the rain together, singing, and gettting soaking wet. Those are the fun, little moments you will remember about your time in the Caymans.

  2. I'm with Sarah. Made me smile to think of you singing "If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain." Enjoy....and keep blogging. We are loving it!

  3. the hotel seems nice! whoa good luck with the hair! seems like quite the dilemma. i love you!

  4. Kate - You can never blog too much about food, especially when every meal seems like it could be the best you've ever had. Make sure you compile a short list of your favorites...maybe we can go when we come down there!

  5. Katie and Brent-

    I am so very happy that you made it safely to your wonderful little paradise. Thank you so much for keeping us updated with all of the beautiful pictures on your blog! I know that the first month or so can seem like a whirlwind, but hang in there...all of the administrative stuff will get done and you can begin LIVING and exploring all of the wonderful places that your new home has to offer. We're praying for you guys and can already see how God has answered a prayer in giving you some new friends right off the bat!

    Now if only you can figure out how to get that hair under control.... Perhaps some island corn rows?? ;)