Sunday, October 31, 2010

(Almost) Back to the "Real World"

Well, our two weeks of "settling in" are up. We turned in our rental car tonight, and Brent starts work tomorrow. Unfortunately we need to extend our stay in the hotel for at least one more night. We put an offer on that one bedroom Thursday, but the realtors have not been able to get a hold of the owner. We walked around Lime Tree Bay again this evening and decided we are determined to get in there. We actually found another one bedroom listed that we are going to see tomorrow evening, and talked to a very nice tenant who said there might be others opening up soon. So while it stinks to foot the bill for more hotel time, maybe it's again a God thing to get us something better than what we originally wanted.

Friday night we went for a sunset stroll on Seven Mile Beach. Ah, this is good for my soul.

Brent's face when I pull out my camera:

Doesn't this look nice? Just watching the sun set over the ocean with a book and a beer. Dad, this will be you when you come visit!

Why, hello perfect sunset

We ended up at a restaurant called Alfresco for dinner and had the BEST time. It's a casual candlelit deck overlooking the ocean. It was dark by the time we got there, but you could still hear the crashing waves. Isn't this charming?

If you are visiting the island, we very well might take you here. So far it's been the most reasonably priced sit down dinner we've had. And the portions were HUGE! We both ended up with leftovers for lunch. We were starving by the time the food came, but I made Brent patiently wait as I snapped some pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Brent's Lobster Ravioli with Pumpkin Cream Sauce (I kind of made Brent order this because it sounded amazing, but I've already ordered lobster at the last two places we've been.)

Chicken Parmesan - the chicken was the size of my head!

Saturday we participated in a beach volleyball tournament with Brent's work. I'll let him write the post on that one. But let's just say it was a HOT five hours in the sun!

Today was an uneventful Halloween. No trick-or-treaters at the hotel. But we did get to Skype with the Greenville clan and see the girls in their princess costumes. I didn't see the birthday boy...maybe he was all partied out. But we were thinking of you today, Kru!

Love to all!


  1. love the sunset pic!! you've got to let me know what settings you used.

  2. Pretty sure there is no way I'll be able to resist visiting :) When you guys get back you'll have to frame some of your sunset photos! So pretty.

  3. I am so jealous of that guy sitting on the beach watching the sunset in solitude. :) The evening hours at our house are NOTHING like that! Ha!