Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally Some Beach Pictures

It's almost the end of day 6 on the island. I can hardly believe it. I'm definitely enjoying our time here. I love the temperature and newness. And it's awesome having Brent to myself all day long. Everything is on "island time" - it's such a relaxing vibe. But, to be fair, it's not all peaches and cream. Contrary to popular belief, moving to the Caymans is not an escape from all your troubles. Brent and I still get in the same silly disagreements we always have. There are still headaches and short tempers and stress. I told people all the time in Cincinnati - moving here was not the easy thing to do. The easy thing would have been to stay in our house, keep our jobs, and join the numerous friends who have already entered the parenthood club. But of course I don't expect sympathy, because across the street, there's this:

(click to see images larger)

And a lot of this:

These beach pictures were taken Friday. We've had some gorgeous sunny days, with just a little rain here and there. It's funny - we think the water is so clear and calm, but the islanders keep saying how choppy and cloudy it is from the storms. I can't imagine what this place will be like in peak season.

Those who have vacationed with me know I typically prefer the pool to the beach. I don't like feeling sticky and sandy. Waves make me nervous that I'll get swept away or knocked over. And I'm too afraid of fishes brushing up against me to get in the water (let's call it "fear of the unknown"). But as soon as I stepped on these sandy shores, I fell in LOVE with Seven Mile Beach. I wanted to get in the water right away. You can look down and see your toes, and there's no crashing washes. I was actually surprised to taste the salty water on my lips because it felt just like a pool. Heaven on Earth - I can't get enough of it.

Sunset pictures outside our hotel

We had dinner at Chicken! Chicken! (yes, the name has two exclamation points in it). Pretty much the only thing on the menu is - you guessed it, chicken.

After dinner we went to Camana Bay. We planned on seeing a movie there, but Brent couldn't stomach the idea of spending $30 for the two of us (especially not for the chick flick I wanted to see). So we walked around the shops and watched a live band for a bit. We went in one shop called the Island Company which has the most adorable bathing suits. But the tops and bottoms were around CI$60 (USD$72) each. The lady there asked if I would be interested in a job, and I was pretty tempted. Just pay me in cute island clothes!

When we got back Nate and Jenn asked if we wanted to go to TCBY. We ended up talking for hours in the hotel. It is so fun hanging out with them. I'm amazed with all we have in common. Our easy friendship is definitely a God-thing.

In other news, I had my first good hair day today. The secret: lots and lots of hair product. Also, it looks like my pesky heat rash is resurfacing...this time on my forehead. Brent says he thinks it's just bug bites, but I don't buy it. Guess I'll have to get a dermatologist here.

I have more pictures and updates from Saturday and Sunday, but I'll save them for another post. The weekend ended with Brent and I watching Pretty Woman curled up in bed, then taking a night walk on the beach. Sigh. Good things are definitely happening here.


  1. talking hours and hours into the night with your new friends.... sounds familiar ;) i hope God blesses you with good friends there like he blessed us with you guys in Cincinnati!

  2. Knowing how much you love chicken Katie I bet you ll be going to Chicken! Chicken! ALL the time :)

  3. Man... "dinner and a movie" sounds expensive down there. Have you located the nearest Wendy's restaurant yet?

  4. I believe you when you say life isn't all "peaches and cream" down there, but posting all those beautiful beach pictures isn't helping you prove your point. Ha! :)

  5. Hello B&K!
    The beach! The food! The hotel!
    The friends! The bigass fan! The summer clothes! The sunsets!....I'm thinking, "Jesus loves you this I know...." ;)
    And we love you too. Thanks for taking us along to Grand Cayman--we really do feel like we're there through your blog and *amazing* pictures. Brent, I know you're taking good care of our girl. Don't let her get a sunburn, okay?

  6. Katie,
    You write so well. And you are so real in your descriptions. I feel like I am on an adventure through you two. When I fall asleep tonight, it will be with me praising God for you, for holding you and for using the Grand Caymans to draw you closer to Him and to each other!