Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Walter practicing his island sunbathing

Fall is my favorite season, partly because I'm an October birthday, but mostly because it's the most beautiful colors in the most perfect weather. We only have three October weeks in Ohio this year, and with all the packing and things to do, there's little time for fall-oriented activities. No trips to the pumpkin batch, no drinking apple cider, no walks to admire the leaves, no pumpkin carving, no fall decorations. All this to say that there's one fall tradition I am so glad I didn't have to miss - the 4th annual Fallapalooza! For anyone who doesn't know, each year the extended family on my mom's side plans a fall weekend to celebrate September-December birthdays. We camp at my aunt's house, have bonfires, do crafts, play games, and eat camp food. My family purposely planned it a little early this year so Brent and I could be there. Even Walter was excited on the way down!

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Setting up the tent

Saturday morning

I've been carrying my new camera manual in my purse and shamelessly pulling it out whenever I have a free minute. Lots to learn!

Loving on little Noah

Homemade donuts - powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar

Jocey organized the craft this year. The finished product - candy corn flower pots!

Jack listening intently to the birthday game instructions

Birthday Cake

It was the perfect weekend, a great getaway from that annoying to-do list. But now, back to the real world! Only 6 days left! Packing has been interesting. It's never a fun job, but usually it's pretty mindless. This time it requires so much decision-making! I'm mentally exhausted. Pack in the hotel bag for the first two weeks there, pack in the boxes we will ship over, pack in storage for the attic, pack in the little "winter clothes" bag we are leaving at my parents' for Christmas, give away, throw away, let people borrow...

Last night we finished the boxes we will ship over. Brent's taking them to the shipping place today at lunch. I hope they don't get lost! We mostly packed clothes and shoes, but a couple other items - printer, cookbooks, albums, games, movies, office supplies. I am torn between worrying we packed too much and we packed too little.

Last night was also the walk through with the house renters. Awful process - the idea is to point out all the things that are wrong so when we come home we know what was already there and what might have happened while we were gone. Two and a half hours of going room to room with people examining every last spot on the carpet and chipped paint on the wall. It felt especially bad because the house is a mess - everyday cleaning flew out the window long ago. It was pretty much my worse nightmare. Be praying that the renters take good care of everything and that I don't worry about it while we're gone. My new mantra - It's just stuff, it's just stuff, it's just stuff.


  1. Stuff, stuff, stuff.
    Papers, papers, papers--as PawPaw would say. Now he would tell you to keep your eyes on the prize--sinking those cute painted tootsies in some Cayman sand. Won't it be GRAND to be free of STUFF for two years? You may never want to bring that attic stuff back down.
    We will relax on friday afternoon and if you need help after that, we'll be there for you.

  2. You're a good writer and photographer. This is an interesting blog. Thanks, Kate! I love you!

  3. Hi Katie, I work with Brent and I wish you both all the luck, happiness and exciting time in the Caymans. You are such a delight, and sooooo talented young lady, I loved reading your blogs, I feel that I have know you forever. Have a wonderful time and when Walter finally gets there he will love running endless on the beautiful white beaches and crystal blue water.

    I look forward to keeping up with your and Brent's adventure.

    June West pwc

  4. Katie and Brent - I clicked on your blog this morning, and instantly started crying just seeing the header picture of you two. I miss you so much already (and technically you haven't even flown out yet). It was really hard to say goodbye last night. I was sad and weepy the whole drive home. December can't get here soon enough! :) Love you both. So very much.

  5. I need to start carrying around my camera manual. There IS so much to learn. Have you taken photography classes/played with cameras before? Because my pics do not look as good as yours lol. Time to start reading some more!! :)