Monday, December 13, 2010

Boat Adventures - Take 2

We were unfazed by our "new" (12 year old) boat's maiden voyage mishap and excited to take it out again last Saturday. We decided to push the 700-pound limit just a little and invite several friends along. At around noon, Jenn, Nate, Maya, Rich, Jeremy, Sheena, Brent and I all piled in the boat with plenty of snorkel gear, cameras, towels and snacks. I was amazed we all fit!

My favorite part of the day was when Brent spotted a dolphin jumping in the waves right next to our boat. With the way Jenn started screaming, I thought the dolphin was stuck in our motor or something! But no, she was just very, very excited :) I tried to take a picture of our little buddy, but after uploading my pictures, I realized there is no dolphin in this scenic shot. Oops.

Rich and Maya riding up front:

We had a great time at stingray sandbar, then drove to the reef. The boys dove in hoping to catch some lobsters with Nate's homemade snares. The ladies stretched out in the boat, blissfully soaking up a little sun and girl talk.

Did I say my favorite part was seeing the dolphin? Scratch that - my favorite part was definitely getting towed home...again. That's right, we've taken our baby out on the sea twice and had to get pulled back both times. We aren't sure of the cause this time. We were just cruising on home and all the sudden the motor died. This time wasn't nearly as worrisome as last time - I guess we are now pros at being stranded! We just waited for a boat to pass by and waved them down.

Thank you, "Last Dollar"

We all had a good laugh as we were pulled along. I'm so glad our friends were good sports and not at all bothered by the situation. I'm also glad that boat etiquette pretty much requires that you offer a tow to any stranded boat. We seem to take advantage of that rule whenever possible...

The "Last Dollar" dropped us off at the yacht club and Jeremy offered to walk home to get a car. What a good friend! We pulled out all our snacks and had a little picnic as we waited. You'd think we'd be bummed about the boat's fickle nature, but it really wasn't a big deal. Just rolling with the punches in true island style :)


  1. that stinks about the boat! it looks like you guys were in the middle of the ocean though... scary! glad you made it back safe and hope you are able to take it out again in the future.

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