Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Boat and Wehners

Last week Jenn, Nate, Brent and I went in together to buy a boat! It is a cute little 18 foot Bayliner. Brent and I had been planning on getting a jetski, but we were excited to get in on this good deal because boats are even more fun! None of us know anything about boats, so we are in for an adventure. Once again, these are all point-and-shoot camera pictures. I'm still not brave enough to bring my SLR out to sea!

My fellow boat-owner:

We've been having an awesome time with our first visitors, the Wehner family. We were lucky to have them here for the maiden voyage because they actually have quite a bit of boat knowledge. Lucy loved riding on her daddy's lap - she was snoozing within minutes!

We drove to Stingray Sandbar and I was very impressed with our guests' bravery. Jess was a little unsure at first (who wouldn't be?), but then swam around with the stingrays and even let them eat from her hand. I was glad I had the excuse of holding the baby so I could stay out this time!

Brent holding a stingray

The boys

Brent took this picture at Rum Point. Here's our pride and joy!

Cute little family

Jess took this picture of little Lucy. Isn't she adorable? I love her little sunglasses!

Of course we had to get some rum at Rum Point! Look at Lucy reaching for the beer, haha!

We dropped Jenn and Nate off at Rum Point because they had some evening kayak tour. Captain Brent led us home:

I don't have any pictures of this, but once we got back to the canal, we ran out of gas. We were only a couple minutes from home - so close, but yet so far. Two boats stopped and asked if we needed a tow, but we had extra gas so we thought we'd be fine. Once we filled up, though, we still couldn't start. It was starting to get dark and we were doing a little drifting so things got kind of tense. We finally waved down another boat and they pulled us back to the harbor. A memorable first trip out for sure! The next morning Brent was able to get it started - I guess it just needs a little break after being run dry. It's a mistake we won't make twice, that's for sure!

After church on Sunday we went to Eden Rock to do some snorkeling. Lucy and I hung out at the beach to work on our tan...

Sunday evening we had our second Thanksgiving dinner. Pictures coming in the next post!


  1. I am so glad the Wehners came to visit you two. What good friends you have been blessed with!!! Cool boat!!!! Mom K

  2. I cant wait to get my butt out there!! I could use a rum drink today and its not even 8 am!! LOVE YOU GIRLIE

  3. Congrats on the boat!! Im sure that will create many, many more wonderful adventures :).

    Miss you two!

  4. 1. That picture with the boat is stinkin' awesome. I can't believe how blue the sky is and how pretty the water looks. Paradise for sure.
    2. Lucy is the cutest thing EVER! Love that picture of her in the hammock.
    3. Elizabeth is hilarious. I'm going to buy her some rum.
    4. I can't believe you RAN OUT OF GAS! How scary! Glad it had a happy ending. :)