Thursday, December 9, 2010

Work Christmas Party

The week before "The Big Move," Brent told me Cayman PwC has a themed Christmas party each year and people go all out. HR emailed him in advance in case we wanted to pack things for our costumes. Well, at this point I was knee-dip in boxes and stress and just laughed saying, "Right...let me drop everything to go 1920s theme party shopping!"

I decided to order a few things from Amazon about a month after we got here. I had them sent to Jess and she packed them in their suitcases. I ordered a wig, necklace and fringe dress from Ann Taylor. Unfortunately the dress from Ann Taylor was too big and sent back with Jess to be returned (thanks again for all the trouble, Jess!). I ended up in a black dress I already had...not very "flapper-ish", but with the wig and pearls it worked.

Brent and I before we left...neither particularly 1920s, but we at least put in some effort:

Luckily they had some extra accessories at the party. I quickly snagged long black gloves and a beaded headpiece. Brent got this funny yellow didn't look quite so bright in person...

Maya and Jenn

HR was right - people did go all out! It was fun to see everyone dressed up in their flapper-finest. Even the boys got into it with hats, bow ties, suspenders, and fake mustaches.

Dinner was delicious. You got to order in advance what you wanted. I had stuffed chicken and Brent got the fish. Festive chocolate logs for dessert!

Eating is serious business, no time for silly mustaches:

On an unrelated note, here are a few pictures from our last dinner with Jess and Ben in town. We went back to Deckers for more of that amazing Lobster Mac and Cheese. I love seeing all the restaurants decked out with Christmas lights!

Best buds:

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