Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pirates Week: Parade and Doughnuts

Saturday morning we signed the lease for our one bedroom apartment in Lime Tree Bay. It's finally official - we have a real "long term" home! We move in next Sunday, which gives us five days to get settled before our first visitors arrive. I can't wait to fully unpack and get rid of these boxes once and for all!

That afternoon we made smoothies and sandwiches and ate them poolside. Then I took a nice little nap on my stomach...a very dangerous mistake! I was feeling it the rest of the weekend! We went grocery shopping before the parade since stores are closed on Sunday and Monday was a holiday. Unfortunately this took a little longer than expected and we missed the first part of the Pirate festivities. Apparently the pirates land their ship in Georgetown, fight the governor's men, then take the governor into captivity. As tradition holds, they will have rule of Grand Cayman for a full week before the governor is freed and banishes them for another year. So we missed all that, but got there just in time for the parade. My pictures aren't awesome, but Jenn has a much better account (and pictures of the governor's capture) on her post if you want to check that out.

The pirates ship docked in Georgetown:

Colorful floats and dresses

This was kind of an interesting float. A guy dressed up as a woman teaching a group of children?

On Friday we had these amazing mini homemade doughnuts at one of the local vendor stands downtown. Jenn was disappointed they weren't there again but Brent said my family made doughnuts for Fallapalooza this year and it didn't seem too hard. So on the way to Jenn and Nate's apartment, Brent and I stopped to pick up some biscuits (they didn't have original so we got Butter, Reduced Fat Buttermilk, and Southern Style). When we got to the apartment we totally took over the kitchen - Brent even wore Jenn's apron!

Confident chef...or not so much?

Getting ready

Our first attempt was a disaster - as soon as Brent dropped it in the pot it turned BLACK. Conclusion - oil too hot!

We decided to scale down and do our second attempt with a doughnut hole...

Shaking it in sugar

Pulling it apart...still a little gooey but getting closer!

After perfecting the doughnut holes, we graduated to another full size doughnut. This one was perfect!

Nate took some of the holes and put chocolate chips inside. Chocolate Logs (aka "Chocolate Dogs") = pure genius

Nate, so proud of his creation

Finished product. Isn't it beautiful?

Feeling pretty confident now - two at a time (plus four chocolate dogs)!

J&N already have their second guest visiting! Erin worked with Nate back home and is staying with them Saturday-Wednesday. We had a great time getting to know her this weekend!

We had a lot of dough left over (three rolls of dough was too much for five people, go figure). We only opened the Butter and Reduced Fat Buttermilk, but between the two I recommend the Reduced Fat. Still not sure what Southern Style means...maybe an adventure for another day!

For more pictures, you can check out my Pirates Weekend gallery. Still two more posts coming - Sunday Fun and Boat Trip Monday!


  1. can we make doughnuts when we come? they look delicious!!

  2. That does look like a fun night! I'm still amazed that you have been blessed with such dear (and similar!) friends so quickly. God is so good! I love and miss you!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas. Are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving?

  3. Too bad you don't have a deep fryer like me!! But it seems like you did just fine without it...you didn't set the apt on fire at least :)