Monday, November 15, 2010

Pirates Week: Fireworks

As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend kicked off Pirates Week 2010. I don't know much about the history of Pirates Week, but I do know people love to get into it! Friday night was the first Fireworks celebration (there's another one next Saturday). Brent and I headed downtown not knowing what to expect. It was packed!

So many kids and adults dressed up as pirates filled the streets. There was also a costume contest and a pageant going on, which we caught glimpses of as we waited for the fireworks to start.

The fireworks show was surprisingly impressive. They went all out for the finale!

Obviously someone was enjoying the show :)

After the fireworks we met up with Jenn and Nate to check out the local food vendors. Most everyone had the same thing - BBQ chicken, lobster, shrimp, conch, turtle stew. Brent and I shared a plate of conch, and Jenn and Nate got some very "interesting" looking curry goat and chicken (you can check out their blog post for pictures). We stopped at Diary Queen on the way out, then hung out at our studio for a bit. I got to talk to Sarah and Garret on Skype for the first time, which was so fun! It was a great start to our three day weekend!


  1. LOVE the fireworks shots. You look like you're so close :)

  2. I agree! GREAT pictures of the fireworks! And Pirates Week sounds like a lot of fun!