Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Granola Bars, Beach, & Cracked Conch

Granola bars, beach, and Cracked Conch - just another typical Sunday in Grand Cayman! After church I decided to whip up some homemade granola bars while Brent watched football. I made sure he snapped some pictures of me in my new beach apron from Sarah :) I almost didn't wear it because I was too afraid I'd get something on it, haha!

Granola before pressed in pan

Once my bars were cooling, I napped for who knows how long (hey, baking really wears you out), then we walked to SMB around 4:30. I love taking golden hour walks on the beach!

We met Jenn, Nate, and Erin at Cracked Conch for dinner. Brent and I were really excited because we tried to come here for lunch on my birthday, but it was closed.

The table was right above the water, overlooking this beautiful iron shore (meaning the pretty gray rocks you see here).

I snuck away to get these shots of our table:

Brent, Erin and Nate got the scallops, I had pan-seared tuna, and Jenn got mahi mahi. All very delicious!

I asked the waiter to take this picture of us together, but it didn't turn out that well. Which is understandable since the canon isn't the easiest camera to hand over to someone. Everyone always asks, "Where's the zoom button?" and I have to explain, you just have to back up or get closer!

One last note: thank you Nate for thinking to bring a sweater for me! Yes, it does get chilly in the Cayman Islands!


  1. I am CRAVING those granola bars. I was eying up dried fruit at CUL. :)

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place to go for dinner! Love your apron, too! Really can't wait to come visit you two!!!

  3. sounds like another Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati... except the beach part...glad you are getting settled in!

  4. so happy to see you with your friends.. !!!! :) they look fun!

  5. Yep, it does get chilly in the tropics- that sea breeze! Do you have a good recipe for granola bars? I've been trying a few with nothing good enough for a repeat- we go through a lot now that I'm packing lunches for Jeff every day!

  6. Katie I just caught up on your entire blog - great stories and pictures!!!

  7. Great post! You know just after reading your post, it seems that I had been to cayman. I want to go there, can you please tell me which are the great cayman bars and other places to visit during my short trip there.