Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Is Where Your "K" Mug Is

Several people have expressed an interest in seeing our temporary home - the studio apartment in Lime Tree Bay. The owner had another showing on Wednesday, so after I cleaned up a bit I thought I might as well take some pictures. Here's the grand tour!

Sarah got Brent these great "K" mugs for his birthday. Just having them on the counter really does make it feel more homey!

The next shot shows more of the apartment than you might think! Straight ahead is obviously the kitchen, to the right is the front door, the closets to the left hold the stacked washer and dryer, and just out of view on the left is the bathroom.

The studio is beautifully furnished. I loved it as soon as I walked in. Unfortunately the one bedroom we are getting is not quite as "finished" looking. It's pretty basic as far as furnishings go. People have said that they can't wait to see how cute I will make the apartment, but I really have no plans to decorate or buy home stuff. These next two years will be a lesson in living simply!

The bed, which you can see in the bottom-right corner of in the picture above

Across from the bed is the TV (below). Brent BUILT this desk for me! I'm so proud of him! I spent my first day in the apartment working at the kitchen counter on a barstool with no back. It was so painful, I brought the patio table inside for the rest of the week! We got this desk at Uncle Bill's (kind of like Lowe's). It has a matching hutch too, but we are waiting to assemble that once we get in the one bedroom (the box was leaning up against the counter in the first picture).

It's funny what we find acceptable on this island. We would never get a pressed wood desk like this back home, or get a car made in 1996. But the goal here is to keep it simple and keep it cheap. It's actually pretty freeing to not be caught up in "stuff." Further evidence that I have let all decorating sense out the window - we bought one pink and one blue towel yesterday (his and hers). Not white! Not matching! I must have lost my mind.

My favorite part of the studio? Ta da!

We eat every breakfast and dinner out here. Since we've had cooler weather recently, I have turned off the air and just kept the door open all day. We sleep with it open too. I will really miss this once we move in the one bedroom without an outdoor area.

A quick peek at the bathoom and the tour is over. Not much to see, but it's home (for now)!

This week was SO much better than last week. I don't know if it was just getting settled in the studio or back in a routine, or maybe me just deciding to have a better attitude. But the week flew by and living here is starting to feel normal. One thing that's really helped...getting back in the kitchen! Making homemade quiche and muffins, what therapy.

I am also loving being able to walk to the grocery. Cost U Less is right across the street. I think I have gone 5 out of 6 days this week. Yay for avoiding needing a car!

I took these outside pictures of Lime Tree Bay this morning. LTB is right on a canal...perfect for docking the jet ski we hope to get this weekend!

Pool overlooking harbor

Pool overlooking gym and office (tennis courts to the left)

Pool overlooking our soon-to-be apartment (yes, that's our unit on the right!)

Unit #60 - we sign the lease (hopefully) Saturday

The gym, another great on-site amenity that keeps me from driving (praise the Lord)

So that's "home." I'm sure more pictures will come over time and after we move into the one bedroom. And hopefully family and friends will come visit and see it in person! Two weeks till Jess and Ben get here!

This weekend kicks off Pirates Week. It's a national festival for Grand Cayman. Each section of the island (Georgetown, West Bay, Bodden Town, etc) gets it's own Heritage Day. There are fireworks, races, parades and street dancing competitions. I'm pretty excited! Brent also gets Monday off for Remembrance Day (like Veterans Day). Hooray for three day weekends!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I'm not sure where you're so underwhelmed by your apartment. Your pictures make it look charming! I'm going to have to come by for a live peek inside.

  2. yay! can't wait to be there - i can't believe it's so soon... excited to stay in this temporary home while we're there!

  3. I TOTALLY know where you are- I think there is a little launch ramp at the end of the parking lot. We docked our dingy there a few times to walk to Cost-U-Less! I'm pretty sure we almost anchored our boat in LTB, but we managed to borrow a friends mooring just out the canal from there. Glad to hear you're settling in- It truly is an adjustment! (Don't try a big move like this while pregnant and hormonal- wowzers!)