Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walter in Cayman

I'm finally caught up to island pictures! Still two weeks behind, but I'm getting there :) We left Greenville early on the 3rd and drove to the Charlotte airport. Before leaving, we gave Walter half a "calming" pill and he slept most of the car ride. But once we got to the airport, he seemed very nervous. We gave him the other half of the pill, but the poor guy still seemed worried. Brent and I were worried too - this importing process had been such a nightmare, we were afraid we would get there and not have what we needed. Luckily, everything went through and we were on our way!

Walter at the gate in his new airline approved carrier

We arrived in Cayman, went through customs, and immediately started looking for Walter. His cage was just hanging out with the rest of luggage. Poor guy - I can only imagine what he thought about all this! Walter was checked by the Department of Agriculture and we hurried out. I couldn't relax till we finally had him outdoors on Cayman soil! After 6 months of paperwork, vet appointments, shots, and blood tests, WE MADE IT!

That evening we took Walter to the beach. He mostly avoided the water, but got braver as the night went on. He also sniffed a lot of sand and drank a lot of ocean water. He's quickly learned not to do those things again! These pictures were taken with my point and shoot.

Here's a video shot with my trusty Canon PowerShot. At the end Walter pees on his own leash. How embarrassing.

The next day Walter was pretty exhausted. Here's the view I saw from the couch:

Taking a closer look...

Yep, that's one tired pup.

The first week, Walter slept a lot and wasn't eating much. I think the stress of the trip was taking its toll. The airplane drugs, heat, and consumed sand/salt water probably weren't helping. Now he's feeling much better and is adjusting well. He LOVES his walks on the beach!

In the mornings and evenings, we let him off his leash and he will stay close. He's pretty good around people, but not as good around other dogs. He enjoys walking in the water, but still doesn't like going past where he can touch. We've carried him to the deep area and made him swim back, and he's actually a really good swimmer. Maybe some day he'll realize how fun it is. One odd thing we've learned about Walter, he loves peeing on sand castles!

After months apart, I'm so glad to have our little posse reunited. We love this dog!


  1. Yay so glad you ve been reunited! Can't wait until I get to see Walter again!!!

  2. Ditto, Joy!
    Hey, Walter could stand to go without a couple of meals. Is his figure looking better with the jogging on the beach and lightening up on the meals?

  3. I was looking forward to a dog post! We were totally stressed bringing our dog down and were glad they gave us more than 30 days to stay down here otherwise we'd have to leave the country and come back and get another permit. The other thing that freaked us out was if they didn't accept him, the policy states they would basically tell you to turn around and leave immediately or they would destroy him-horrible thought. As for the beach, the first week our dog would rub his entire face in the sand to get the seawater out of his eyes and end up looking like a sand monster - not fun to clean by the way. He also loves peeing on sandcastles and anything else protruding out of the sand.