Friday, January 28, 2011

Hero's Day and Sunshine Grill

Monday was Hero's Day in Grand Cayman. I'm not sure what that means, except that Brent gets the day off work! This is another example of the island's great work-life balance - in Cincinnati, Brent never got off holidays during busy season.

We celebrated with a completely lazy day, truly the perfect holiday. I decided spur of the moment to make pancakes, without buttermilk, cake flour, or bisquick. They turned out pretty well considering we don't have a griddle or non-stick skillet in the apartment!

We snuggled up on the couch and watched 7 Pounds as we ate breakfast. I love movies that make Brent extra lovey-dovey. (Note to Brent - maybe if you posted on this blog every so often you wouldn't have to worry about me writing comments like that.)

That afternoon we went over to Jenn and Nate's pool for some sun and relaxation. Brent, Jenn and Nate attempted to swim out to the reef, but didn't quite make it. Meanwhile, Walter and I worked on our tan :) It was an especially fun visit because Jenn's parents are in town. I really enjoyed hanging out and getting to know them a little better. They are such fun people, which doesn't surprise me at all considering they raised Jenn.

We split for a while then met up again at Sunshine Grill. This is quickly becoming a favorite for us. The food is amazing - there hasn't been one thing we've tried and didn't like. It's within walking distance from our house, which is always a plus. Their service is amazingly friendly and accommodating. Oh and you get a mini soft serve cone after every meal. Icing on the cake.

Wait, I forgot to mention the burgers. Oh the burgers. I could perhaps write a whole post on Sunshine Grill's famous burgers. Here is a side by side comparison of the "Kitchen Sink" and the "Old Fashion."

I love the look on Jenn's dad's face!

This is Jenn's Tostado Chicken Salad, also incredible. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Brent's Snapper Sandwich, but he said it's his favorite thing he's tried there so far.

Come visit us! We'll take you here and you can taste for yourself!


  1. Ohhh I'm glad you got the facial expression! My camera missed that one. :)

    And, how do you make pancakes without all those key ingredients? A magic wand??

  2. I love when you blog about food, so basically, I love it when you blog! :) Tyler and I absolutely HAVE to come and visit... maybe we'll bring our tiny person, or maybe he will stay with his grandparents. When we come, can we plan a whole tour of food!? You know how I love to eat!! xo

  3. Must visit! Everything looks so wonderful! I'm going to stop saving for new furniture and start saving for a ticket!

  4. we did visit and you didn't take us there even though we requested it! :)