Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BCS Game at the Ritz

To Brent's dismay, I don't know a whole lot about college football (or football in general). But I do know that when you are invited to watch a Championship game at the Ritz-Carlton, you go. Jeremy's boss was out of town so we got to borrow his suite at the Ritz for the night. You could have told me that we were watching a paint drying competition and I would have showed up, wearing the appropriate team's colors.

Do you know what I love? Chandeliers shaped like ships.

Championship games are always a "big deal", but this one was particularly fun because Jeremy and Sheena are from Oregon and are huge Duck fans (well, Sheena is actually a Beavers fan but can rally for her husband's team). They went all out for the party, including this cake Jeremy made (served with GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream).

Jeremy said he was so excited he couldn't sleep the night before. He was also upset that he unthinkingly bought orange cheese puffs (Auburn's color). You've got to admire that kind of team loyalty.

Not surprisingly, this post is less about football and more about cake pops. That's right, Bakerella Cake Pops followed me to Grand Cayman. Sheena got the cookbook for Christmas and decided to make football shaped cake pops for the game. I was more than excited to roll up my sleeves and help out.

Check out my Oregon colors - go Ducks!

Sheena made this field during a teaching break at school. Isn't she amazing?

Sadly, despite all the fanfare in Grand Cayman, the Ducks didn't win. It was a close battle up till the end though. All in all, I can't complain. Good food plus good friends equals a successful night in my book.

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  1. so fun!! of COURSE you are a bakerella fan! could've seen it a mile away. ;) promise me on my next visit, you'll come visit with pops in hand. ;) i'm making the red velvet/cream cheese ones for the girls for V-day. yeah!