Monday, January 31, 2011


It was Brent's turn to pick our date night last Tuesday. He choose TripAdvisors #2 Grand Cayman Restaurant, Tim-Buc-Tuu. I've seen this little diner a couple times on our way to AlFresco or the Turtle Farm. I didn't know much about it, but figured they must be doing something right to be so high on the list.

We started out with a strawberry banana smoothie, which was so delicious! The night was off to a good start.

We split a cup of roasted tomato and veggie soup with homemade bread. When I saw the size of our entrees, I realized we probably didn't need the appetizer. Brent got the fried grouper and I got chicken fried rice. We both brought home leftovers!

This is completely unrelated, but I had to share these next two pictures. Walter is generally exhausted at night. I love to see the funny ways he falls asleep. I call this one "so close, but yet so far."

Silly dog. We sure love having him on island!


  1. Walter is so great. I'm so glad he is with you now! Love you!

  2. What kind of dog is Walter? He reminds me of my boyfriends brothers dog Mazabelle I keep craning my neck to see if he's got the telltale mohawk that particular breed is known for . She's a rhodesian ridgeback and my dog Vern loves bullying her even though shes 10 times his size. Photo's here on the very bottom for you to compare! They're beautiful when they run...

  3. We LOVE your blogs and photos. Now that we have tickets for May, we need to review all your posts to see which restaurants we get to visit. Can we eat out 6 times a day - and STILL have your pancakes for breakfast?

  4. i miss you so much katie!! I was missing you even more at your sisters party.. :(