Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greenville Pre-New Years Eve

We headed to Greenville on December 28th. Thank you, Mom B for driving us to the Dayton airport in the wee morning hours! When we got to Greenville, the entire family (minus David who was hard at work) was waiting for us. That was the best surprise! We headed directly to Chick-fil-a and David was able to meet us there. The family was complete once again!

After lunch, we all parted ways so the kids could take their afternoon naps. I was anxious to head back to Brent's parents' house because there was one face in Greenville I was particularly excited to see...

This guy!

Walter was waiting in his cage when we got home. He recognized us right away and was very happy to see us. The rest of the week he kept us in sight and slept in our room. He seemed to understand that we were his owners again. He must have been listening in Cincinnati as I repeated millions of times, "I promise we'll be back for you!" :)

That evening we went over to Lorren and Cole's new house. It was nice to do a little bonding with the Varner girls.

This scene started out really sweet with Brent and Savi snuggled up reading a book, then it got a bit more "affectionate"...

I looked away to snap this picture of Hailey (sometimes drinking is a three person job),

and when I looked back Savi had taken control of the snuggling situation. We decided Brent and Savi get along so splendidly because neither seem to have personal bubbles.

The Turners arrived later in the night, followed by a tornado of dolls, toys, puzzles, and dress-up. These kids know how to keep the adults entertained!

Love these "goodbye pictures" of Brent with the twins. So sweet - everyone loves Uncle Brenty!

On Thursday we went bowling, which was a lot of fun. It was the kids' first time, and they all did pretty well!

I love little kid bowling shoes!

I'm not a very good bowler (I relied pretty heavily on the bumpers), but you can't beat bowling alley snack food!

We love this family so, so much! Next up - Greenville New Year's Eve pictures!


  1. I am loving these blog posts. You can really see the joy in both your face and Brent's to be back with family! Of course, the Cayman glow is helping matters :-)

  2. The first place we went with my family was Chick-fil-a too! :) Glad you had such a fun trip home.

  3. Thanks for the response! I do have a question about bringing your dog down. We've brought our dog in and are staying beyond 30 days, was there anything else you guys needed to do to keep your dog down here for extended periods or is it "once you're here you're here permanently unless you leave the country"? We were going to go to get a multi-import permit since they only allowed a one-time import permit when we got here. You can send me an e-mail if that makes the response easier. Lovely photos by the way, I am trying to convince my boyfriend that we should upgrade from our point and shoot :)