Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a wonderful four day holiday. Our church had a Good Friday service at Dart Park Friday evening. It was a very special hour with singing and scripture readings, all set to an amazing sunset backdrop.

There's something about the ocean that makes you feel very small and insignificant. Looking across the water, surrounded by God's immense creation, I was once again reminded how incredible it is that a God so mighty gave up His life for someone as unworthy as me.

The shot below is from our friend Rob Arthur. I love the silhouette!

After church on Sunday, our friends Brad and Alyssa hosted a traditional Easter lunch. Check out this beautiful ham!

The spread. Adorable Easter basket cupcakes made by Alyssa. The sticky toffee pudding on the end was amazing!

On Monday Brent and I headed to Sunshine Grill for dinner. We both ordered something new which was exciting. This shot was taken while we waited for our table. I never mind an extra ten minutes by the pool - it gave me more time to deliberate on the menu!

The weekend was full of friends, games, good food, and fun times. I'm really looking forward to another long weekend starting tomorrow! The Royal Wedding is a public holiday in Grand Cayman - no work for us! I can't wait to watch the ceremony with a big plate of scones in front of me :)

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