Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beach Volleyball

Yesterday was Brent's second week of beach volleyball. He joined a league that plays every Sunday at Public Beach (half the teams play 12-3pm and the other half play 3-6pm). There are four on the court at a time, and at least one player has to be a girl. Brent's team started out as a PwC thing, but they've added a couple non-accountant ladies.

These pictures are all from the first week when he was playing the later games. Walter and I walked down at 5pm and watched the last hour and 45 minutes (it went a little long that first week). It was really nice to sit and watch once the temperature got a little cooler.

Nate and Brent - friends on rival teams

Jenn watching the games

I don't know what he's smiling about. Looks like the other team is celebrating...

Walter rims his lips with sand

In between his fifth and sixth game, Brent came over to sit with us. Perfect timing for a beautiful beach sunset.

Believe it or not, the sunset got even MORE amazing as the evening progressed. Ah, that does my soul good :)

I didn't go to the games yesterday. Brent played 12-3pm, so I stayed back to make granola bars, work out and read a little Harry Potter in the water hammock.

All and all, it was a wonderful weekend. We got to play Acquire with Jeremy, Sheena and Wes on Friday. Brent and I explored Beach Bay on Saturday afternoon (those pictures coming next), and did another picnic on Seven Mile Beach for dinner. Last but not least, Brent ran his second 5K race Sunday morning (before I even woke up). I'm so proud of him, even if he says that one's his last :) It's two more than I've done!

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  1. I know this is late, but I think when I first posted my comment it didn't work right! So here is my best effort at replicating it...

    So many thoughts on this post! 1. Beach volleyball looks fun, but hot and sandy, I think I'd be with you on the sidelines. 2.We're reading Harry Potter too! I just finished the third book and Ben is on the 6th... all started in Grand Cayman! 3. shoot... I forget, I know there was 3 but I can't remember it now...