Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Agave and Random

Two weekends ago Brent and I had dinner at Agave. I wasn't expecting much from a Mexican restaurant in Grand Cayman, but it was actually incredibly charming. And the food was delicious too.

Brent's pork burrito

My vegetarian quesadillas

Random #1:
The humidity in Grand Cayman is something else, and it's not even "summer" yet. If you think it's bad outside, you should feel our apartment :) Since we got back in January, Brent and I have been pretty much just using the ceiling fans and not turning on the AC. The last couple weeks, I've been occasionally turning on the air when we have people over or when I am trying to get ready but can't stop sweating. I admit it's somewhat "balmy." I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised when I looked in the closet and saw this:

My dear old Rainbows. I haven't been wearing them much since we got all our Havaianas, but I wore them pretty much every day for the last five summers. I've had my Rainbows since October of 2005, when Brent and I unknowingly bought identical pairs for each other's birthday. Needless to say, my Rainbows weren't the only ones that ended up in the trash.

They were brought into this world together, and the leave this world together.

Random #2: I woke up at 4:00 am one night to go to the bathroom and when I came back, I saw this sight. Not the best picture, but I had to share. Check out Walter the bed hog! Poor Brent is squished into a tiny ball, and Walter has all that space in front of him. Note to self - Walter gets his own room again when we move back to Cincinnati.


  1. I think I'm the only person in the States who really gets what you mean when you say your apartment is hot :) And I love that picture of Walter! I think that's what our bed looks like in the middle of the night too, even though we've been trying to get Ruthie to move to her dog bed, some how she always sneaks up.

  2. That picture of your sandals is crazy! Remind me not to come visit you in the summer months when it's so "balmy." :)