Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beach Bay Road

We ran into a friend at the grocery a few weeks ago (a common occurrence on this small island). As we were chatting, he mentioned a public beach that he and his wife love to visit. He said it was uber-private and that only the "locals" know about it. That was enough to entice me!

So last Saturday, Brent and I packed some snacks and drinks and headed towards Savannah. The beach was a pretty decent drive, about 25 minutes from our apartment. We were told that the road was clearly labeled "Beach Bay" and you couldn't miss it (of course, we did miss it, but at least I saw the sign as we were flying by). We drove down this little dirt road for so long, I was skeptical that we were in the right place. But lo and behold, you hit a dead end and the beach is before you!

There were three other people lounging about, but within 30 minutes we were the only ones there. The beach has a nice lagoon that was very still and shallow. Walter actually didn't mind this water since he could touch at any point!

We parked our chair and towel and did some hard core relaxing.

I started reading the Harry Potter series a few weeks ago. Not something I ever thought I would do, but the Lime Tree Bay Library has a limited selection. Basically, it's just a couple shelves with books that residents no longer want. But they have 6 out of the 7 Harry Potter books, so I figured I might as well!

There were a couple palm trees, but not a whole lot of shade. Walter made due with what he could find :)

Brent and I had a great time exploring. Even though we live 4 minutes from Seven Mile Beach and Governor's Beach, I still like to find new corners of the island. Overall, I think we prefer Spotts Beach if we are headed East, but this was a nice change of scenery.

Saturday night we headed back to our home-sweet-home Seven Mile Beach for a sunset picnic. When you're from Ohio, there's really no such thing as "too much ocean" :)


  1. This sounds beautiful! End of tax season here in NJ - any end in site there?

  2. Looks like a beach I used to go to in Puerto Rico when I was a little girl. I love how you two keep discovering new and interesting places on the island! Mom K.