Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding

We had a four day weekend for Easter, then a three day weekend for the Royal Wedding. I love living in a British territory.

I originally planned on getting up at 4:00am to watch the wedding live, but then Sheena offered to record it so we could watch it together at a more reasonable hour. Add in a few fun guests, tea, and scones and we had a real party! Sheena and Jenn made traditional English biscuits which were delicious with raspberry jam and clotted cream.

My maple oatmeal scones - sticky but good!

It was fun watching the wedding with Lisa who is from South Africa and knew a little more about the royal family. Jenn and Nate had guests in town who also joined the party. Beth and Jayson brought their two sons, who instantly bonded with Lisa's 8-month-old daughter Jodi.

Jodi seems a little bored with the festivities...

The boys retreated to the balcony for most of the pre-wedding show, but came in just in time to see the ceremony. You can't miss history in the making!

I had such a fun time watching the entire wedding that morning, and then re-watching bits and pieces throughout the weekend. Call me a silly girl, but I'm a sucker for real life fairy tales. I was totally enamored with the tradition behind the day's events. Kate was stunning, so pretty and classy. I'm glad I watched the ceremony with other girls so we could swoon together (and do a collective gasp at the Queens's yellow attire). It was a memorable day!

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  1. That was a fun day. More fun than I was expecting. Can't wait for Harry and Pippa's wedding.