Thursday, February 10, 2011

Walter on the Boat

Soon after we arrived back on island, our fickle old boat decided to stop working. At this point, I'm not even sure what was wrong with it. But we got it fixed last week, and Walter got to take his maiden voyage Saturday evening. Brent and I didn't want to go for a long ride, we just wanted to make sure the boat was still working. So we decided to cruise around the canals and bring Walter along. I figured a nice slow ride would be a good way to get him acclimated. And I must say he looked adorable in his little doggy life jacket!

Overall I think Walter did really well on the boat. He seemed a little wary and did a lot of exploring. But he mostly stood up front and looked out at the horizon. First mate Walter!

Proud parents

He seemed ok aboard the boat, but he was also very excited to get out once we docked!

After church on Sunday, we took the boat out again with Jeremy, Sheena, Jenn and Nate. Walter was ready to go!

We went first to Stingray Sandbar. I just can't get enough of this blue water!

Brent's favorite thing to do on island. Look how happy he is!

Walter stayed in boat at the sandbar and was a very good dog. I was worried he might be overly curious with the stingray, but he wasn't at all interested. Maybe he didn't realize they were animals.

After hanging out with the stingrays, we headed to Rum Point. Walter had to swim to land, and he was NOT happy! He tried to swim back to the boat ladder but couldn't get up. It was really pathetic. Ultimately Brent ended up carrying him. I guess we just have to accept we don't have a water pup.

Once we waded to shore, we found out that dogs are only allowed on a tiny corner of the beach, way back by the street. We got drinks and lined up on a log in the dog-friendly area. I wish I had brought my camera - it was pretty comical!

Fun day. I hate to say it, but we once again had to get towed back to our dock. How embarrassing. Still not sure what the problem is - it's very unusual for an engine to cut out while you are running it. Ah, the life of a boat owner.

On a unrelated note, I got my hair cut! It feels so much better to have it shorter, but it's just as unruly as ever. I'm resigned to daily ponytails. This picture was taken just after straightening it, and before stepping outside. It didn't stay like this for long - but at last I could take a picture to show the new length!


  1. looks like a great day! Love your haircut! you look pretty!!

  2. ahhh! i can't believe the boat broke down again... that stinks! cute hair though!

  3. Savi is loving the Walter pictures. She said, "There's my Walter! Walter, I miss you!!" Love you guys! Cute hair cut!