Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pasta, Passion & Pistols

It's no secret - I love murder mystery parties. I've done a total of five so far, and they never disappoint. Our good friend Sheena celebrated her birthday last week and decided to a host a murder mystery party to celebrate. The title was "Pasta, Passion & Pistols," and the night took place in Little Italy, New York City. Sheena and Jeremy did an amazing job setting the scene. It felt just like a charming Italian restaurant!

Jeremy made these delicious creamosas (Italian sodas with cream). I had two big glasses, but I could have gone back for ten more. Yum.

The best part of the party is arriving and seeing all the costumes. Everyone did such a great job getting into character (no comment on the quality of our Italian accents).

Sheena borrowed my wig from the 1920s Christmas party. Doesn't she look cute?

The whole group, from left to right: Marco Roni, Mama Rosa (I'm sad because it was my husband who was killed), Rocco Scarfazzi, Tara Misu, Angel Roni, Bo Jalais, Clair Voyant, and Father Al Fredo.

Brent drew that tattoo himself - pretty impressive!

I was playing the part of an Italian mother who cooked for the family restaurant. I figured she'd be packing on the pounds from all the yummy pasta, so I went to Red Cross, bought a big dress, and stuffed it with a pillow. This lasted through Round Two, then it got a little too toasty so Mama Rosa miraculously lost the bulge. Brent played the part of my only son.

Couple shots taken "in action"

The acting was good, but the food was AMAZING. Jeremy made all this himself. An Italian feast!

We had such a fun night! Happy, happy birthday, Sheena, and thanks for throwing such a great party!


  1. I couldn't wait for this post. :) I am cracking up at our group shot, esp. Wes' face!! Great coverage of a fun night.

  2. what a fun way to celebrate!! i love the idea of a murder mystery party

  3. You guys seem to have such a great time - and find good friends no matter where you are - a true blessing! Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us.