Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Call me cheesy, but I love me some Valentine's Day. I know...it's essentially a hallmark holiday. But who cares? I embrace the cheesiness with open arms! I can't wait to have kids so I can decorate homemade cards and cut food into heart shapes. There's nothing better than a holiday that's all about love!

This year felt especially lovey-dovey. I woke up early and very quietly made pumpkin pancakes for a surprise breakfast in bed. I have to laugh at my ghetto presentation. Ah, remember the good old days when I had a real silver tray, a pretty white syrup pitcher and a ceramic butter dish? Now we don't even having matching silverware. Haha, I love our random little island life :)

I heart this guy...

and this guy too, even though he didn't get breakfast in bed.

I wore my red Havaianas for the occasion.

And even though we were far from home, I didn't forget who this special day really belonged to.

I had been looking forward to our date for weeks. Brent made reservations at one of the Ritz-Carlton restaurants, Periwinkle. On the way there, I snapped this shot representing Brent's other true love. Only 43 days till Opening Day!

The lovely Perwinkle restaurant

I love these next two shots of Brent and me. We get so many of each other, but since we moved to Grand Cayman we only have a few together. The server actually did a great job handling the SLR!

Little view of the Ritz

My other true love - mudslides

On Saturday Brent and I exchanged Valentine's gifts. I gave him a shirt and he got me a beach chair. But Brent had another surprise for me, beautifully wrapped in his dinner napkin.

Check out this awesome sea turtle necklace!

This is actually a necklace we saw weeks ago at the Governor's Art Festival. The artist starts with a normal coin and carves out the picture. We watched him working on one for a while - such painstaking work! I immediately loved this little sea turtle (a real coin from Cape Verde) but didn't think I should make a rash purchase. I was so surprised to see that Brent had snuck back and gotten it for me! He is the sweetest!

Dinner was awesome, mostly because we were in such a beautiful place. Brent got snapper with lobster medallions and I got spinach lasagna.

At the end of the meal they brought out complimentary cookies and this pretty rose. What else would you expect from the Ritz?

Periwinkle usually has nightly "movies under the stars" and they were supposed to play Sleepless in Seattle for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately it was too windy to put up the screen, so we decided to walk around the Ritz instead. Just as fun, maybe even better!

Quick note - Brent's mom bought me this dress and mailed it with some other things a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait to wear it for V-day!

Back at home, not to be outdone by my ghetto breakfast tray, the fancy Ritz rose sits in its makeshift vase:

Hope you all had a very merry Valentine's Day!


  1. I love that Brent got you the necklace! It looks like you two had a very special day... and if you want to borrow a vase, just come on over :)


  2. Aww, great photos of great people.

  3. awww love it. we ate there, and even just lunch was amazing! you guys are too cute! happy valentine's day! (these pictures are getting painful to look at. ha ha)

  4. I love that you love celebrating love!! Great photos!! Mom K.

  5. I love the Ritz on Cayman :) I actually made a huge tray of spinach lasagna on Sunday because I knew I'd be getting home late every night this week and didn't want to worry about cooking at 9pm so I'm on lasagna night #3 lol - I bet the Ritz has me beat though :) Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  6. thanks for the shout out! love that picture of you and Brent and i really really like your new dress!

  7. Great photos! I just got a camera and I have no idea how to use it. Noooo ideaaa. Those mudslides look delicious. I am going to have to get a virgin one at the bar. I wanted to watch Sleepless in Seattle at Periwinkle too but it was too windy so we settled for takeout at Chicken!Chicken! The Ritz must have made up for last night because they're showing Casablanca tonight which is definitely not one of their normally kiddie movies

  8. Awwww ... Happy Valentine's Day, you two lovebirds! Mrs. K - you did a GREAT job picking out that dress. You look fab, Kate!

  9. Happy Valentine's to you two! I was going to compliment you on that outfit - you always have the cutest dresses and I LOVE your headband. Super cute.