Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last Saturday was Grand Cayman's annual art festival, Art@Governors. In the parking lot of Governor's Square, there were a bunch of local artist selling paintings, photography, jewelry, carvings, and other art. And then inside the Governor's garden there were artwork displays from each of the schools on island. Our friend Sheena is a teacher and told us about the event Saturday morning, so we decided to walk over together. I'm so glad we went - it was a really fun event!

We started out at Governor's Square with Walter, then tried to get into the Governor's garden but were turned down by security (little dogs only, apparently). Brent offered to walk Walter back to the apartment and then meet us inside, but after 5 minutes I realized I had the keys in my pocket. So Sheena and I headed back as well, which turned out to be a good thing because I got to pick up my camera.

These pictures are inside the Governor's garden, which is actually where the Governor of Grand Cayman lives. It was neat to go into the gated yard and walk right beside his beach-front house.

We happened upon some hermit crab racing and joined in the next round. Everyone picks a hermit crab (they have numbers on the back) and they are all dumped in the center of a big circle of sand. The first one to make it to the grass wins!

We have a winner!

This hermit crab was the biggest by far - the guy said he was 40 years old!

There were drummers playing fun island music, and these two adorable girls dancing in front. So cute!

Brent and Sheena drinking lemonade and admiring the artwork

As much as I love spending the day at the beach and pool, it's fun to have these events to mix things up. I look forward to going again next year!

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