Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tree Lighting and Thanksgiving

On November 22, Camana Bay had their annual Christmas tree lighting. We had a blast last year, and made sure to mark the date again this year. We enjoyed the choirs and orchestra, but our not-so-great seats kept me from getting a good shot of the show. But here's the beautiful tree all lit up!

Camana Bay is always one of my favorite places on island, but it's especially magical this time of year. They do a great job decorating. These trees are awesome!

Thanksgiving was the next week, but unfortunately Brent had to work. I wasn't going to miss the parade two years in a row though, so I joined Jeremy and Sheena for a little brunch that morning. Once Brent got home from work, we headed to Wes and Dan's place for a traditional American feast. We had such good memories from last year, and were thrilled when they offered to host again. There were about 25 people, and everyone brought a dish. It was a lot of food, but I think we managed :)

The next Sunday, Jenn hosted another "Thanksgiving" for work people. Last year, she had everyone bring a traditional American dish, but this year everyone brought something from their country. It was a fun twist. The perogies and yorkshire pudding were my favorites!

I tried a new recipe for sweet potato casserole, which I thought turned out fabulously (pictured in back left). I will definitely be repeating this one for future Thanksgivings!

Can't have a Thanksgiving meal without the turkey! Jenn made a 20-pounder, along with stuffing and a green bean casserole. She's amazing!

Another year full of blessings. It's weird writing a post with all these links to the same events from last year. I'm in shock that the first 13 months of our island adventure have already passed. We still thank God for this opportunity and are loving every moment with our wonderful friends and Cayman's beautiful scenery.

Most likely this is the last post before our holiday trip to the States. My sister's wedding is December 17, and I can't wait to see her as a beautiful bride. Then we head to South Carolina for Christmas and New Years. It should be a wonderful trip. We can't wait to reconnect with family and friends!


  1. The food pics make me sad that there aren't still some leftovers! Esp of that sweet potato casserole!

  2. Yum! That post made me hungry! And sweet potato casserole is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. I'm sure your's was fabulous! And I am dying to see you two again! Savi asks all the time when you will be here. I'm not sure who's more excited- her or me!

  3. It all looks so fun!!!!

  4. I googled Camana Bay tree last year and found your blog. As a Christmas lighting designer and frequent vacationer to the island thanks for posting pics of the tree and lighting!