Monday, October 31, 2011

Katie's Birthday - Agua

My birthday is only 10 tens after Brent's (technically a year and 10 days...can't forget I'm younger!), which means lots of fun and celebrations in October. Brent planned an awesome b-day get-together with friends the Friday before - he even made homemade lasagna for everyone! I'll post those pictures later...still haven't gotten through them yet. But in the meantime, here are pictures from our date to Agua on my actual birthday.

Birthday girl - 27 years old

We've been to Agua four times before this, twice for dinner and twice for Sunday brunch. The first time we went, I fell IN LOVE with the brandy lobster crepes. I got them again for our anniversary date last year. I was shocked when I found out they were no longer on the menu (and even more shocked when they said they changed the menu 9 months ago)! I told her it was my birthday and asked if the chef could still make them for me. She went to the kitchen, and amazingly, the chef said yes! I was so happy! Brent actually ordered something from the old menu too, and since we were special ordering we decided to get an appetizer to pass the time. I'm so glad we was delicious!

Grilled Shrimp served over Homemade Potato Gnocchi sauteed in a creamy Saffron sauce

After our appetizer, Brent gave me my present. This wrapping is always a good sign :)

I was really surprised because we agreed not to do presents for each other this year (yes, I'm the bad wife who didn't get anything for my husband's birthday, and then he gets me Tiffany's earrings for mine...) I have the world's SWEETEST husband.

Dinner arrived while I was still admiring my new earrings. Brent's Sauteed Shrimp in Champagne Rice:

My Brandy Lobster Crepes! You better believe I enjoyed every bite of these knowing it would probably be my last time tasting them.

So, when I told the server it was my birthday, she asked my name. I said "Katie" and she said, "Well, happy birthday, Kaley." I thought, ah, what's the point of correcting her? Then after dinner she brings out this:

Haha, Brent said this will teach me to better enunciate my name.

As always though, the service was above and beyond. I just love this restaurant. And I love, love, love this guy:

My second island birthday was a success. It's weird to think that we will be back in Cincinnati when we are celebrating next year!


  1. what a lucky girl! can brent please give ben a hint before my next birthday??? :)