Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Margaritaville and Church Cookout

Last weekend was absolutely wonderful, packed with fun get-togethers and lots of relaxation too. Brent and I planned a date night for Friday. We wanted to check out Breezes by the Bay, which is a grill right on the water in George Town. We had tried to go there with the Wehners but it was only open to people running the Cayman Islands Marathon Relay the next day. This time we took forever looking for parking (I insisted on finding something semi-close so my hair didn't get messed up, and my sweet husband was very patient :). When we finally got to Breezes, it was closed! Apparently they shut the doors at 6:00 - who knew? So this is how we ended up at Margaritaville, which is right next door.

We had the place to ourselves. I mean, it was a ghost town. I know these restaurants downtown are mostly for tourists and cruisers, but I had no idea how empty it would be on a Friday night. I guess I can't blame Breezes for closing early!

We sat on the deck outside, overlooking the water and the main street in George Town. The server was very attentive (bored), and we even got free drinks to "get our night started." Ha, little did he know that our next stop was the movie rental place.

Brent got some kind of burger with bacon and fried jalapenos and I had the License to Chill Chicken sandwich. Both very yummy!

On Saturday, Brent had to go to the office for a bit in the morning, so I took Walter on a walk and made my grocery list. We went to Seven Mile Beach where I sat in my new chair, feet lounging in the water, good book in hand. It was heaven! We took a quick trip to Fosters for groceries, and then headed to Dart Park for SCC's Servant Evangelism Cookout. The plan was to have a bunch of extra food that we could offer to people hanging out at the park. We had a great turnout, and got to meet some really lovely people. It was a lot of fun!

I didn't have my camera, but luckily others did. These pictures are courtesy of Rob Arthur. He got some great shots!

Watching the sunset - it was stunning!

After the cookout, we headed to Jenn and Nate's to watch The King's Speech. Nate made his famous (and dangerous) chocolate chip cookies. It was the perfect night.

On Sunday we went to church and then met Jenn at Governors Beach. Brent and Walter went for a LONG walk while we girl-talked. Eventually we moved the party to Lime Tree Bay's pool, where Nate met us. We grilled burgers and ate them on the pool patio, overlooking the boat docks and pretty dusk colors. The four of us walked to bible study together, and got to hang out with 13 other wonderful friends. We are currently going through Tim Keller's book, Gospel in Life. I am learning so much from the study and people in our group. I can definitely feel God's presence here in Grand Cayman. With a weekend like this, how could you not?!

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  1. O, Katie, music to a mother's ears!! How God has blessed you two with this precious time away... just the two of you. Gone before you providing good friends, a wonderful, active church. I just dance before the Lord reading your blogs!!!