Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catamaran Birthday Bash

Our friend Wes is turning 30 this July and wanted to do a big boat trip to celebrate. But summer is a tricky time in Grand Cayman as a lot of people plan trips home, and many of our teacher friends leave for months at a time. So he decided to do the outing a little early and throw a 29-and-a-half birthday bash. Any excuse for a party sounds good to me! We rented a private catamaran, which is basically a big sail boat with two hulls. The best part is the net at the front of the boat. The girls took over this prime sunning spot on the way out, but we graciously shared with the boys on the return trip.

I think there were about 23 people in total. It was a really fun 5 hours. I love cruising on the ocean (especially after taking my dramamine).

We headed for home right as the sun started to dip down, the perfect "golden hour."

Lucky us - we caught a beautiful sunset as well. It seems like the sun is usually blocked by clouds as it descends past the water, but it was peeking out this evening!

I had to smile at this circle of boys, chatting and chuckling. Happy times.

I'm so glad Wes planned this outing. It was our first time on a catamaran and we had a blast! Happy (early) b-day, buddy!


  1. It looks like the perfect day for a catamaran outing. Your photos are gorgeous, Katie. The Grand Caymans look like Utopia! Can't wait to visit! Mom K

  2. This looks like so much fun! It reminds me of a giant hammock! How cool!

  3. What a great experience. Your photos are great and it looks like an incredible day. We are so glad for you.