Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boat Dock Photo Adventure

Brent had to work late on Tuesday, so I headed to the boat docks for another photo adventure. I typically bring my point and shoot to potentially "treacherous" outings like the recent catamaran trip, so I've been missing my beloved Canon. Instead of waiting for a good photo op, I decided to take advantage the extra alone time and get some nice dusk shots.

I must say, I really dig palm leaves. Definitely something I will miss when we're back in Cincinnati.

Are you getting sick of Walter pictures? Anybody want to visit Grand Cayman and be my new muse?

I love how his paws sink right into the grass here. Lime Tree Bay has an extra cushy turf.

My ultimate goal is to be the kind of life photographer that captures beauty in every day scenes, and doesn't just wait for a special event or vacation to bust out the SLR. I should be better about taking shots during the day, but honestly there's nothing exciting about me staring at a computer and Walter sleeping on the couch. Is it sad that I want a baby just so I can have a new subject for my pictures? Don't answer that...


  1. I would LOVE to come be your new muse :) and you are allowed to have a baby as soon as you get back to cincy but not a day earlier! I hope you have really photogenic kids!

  2. You are such an amazing photographer! I'm glad we got to take advantage of your skills during our visit... your shots fill up our living room :)

  3. Hi Katie! I saw Brent and Walter walking by the beach yesterday and was going to go pet Walter but they walked by too fast! Ryan was walking Vern further down the beach and said he passed by them though. He said Vern sniffed and said hi but Walter didn't seem too interested in playing.

    I keep thinking I that I'm taking waaay too many photos of my dog too so you're not alone. I'm sure everyone is sick of dog photos on my site so I try and change it up with alternating photos of food and Ryan working on his computer lol...much to his discontent...

    Keep up the good blog work, I really like the food/restaurant photos. It's hard to gauge whether or not a restaurant is good because half of them don't have websites or photos of their stuff so it's always nice to see someones take on it... ok I'll stop talking now...

  4. I love Walter pictures (notice I skipped right over the baby part!!). He is a gorgeous dog, dent and all!! But his personality is the best!!! Joelle and Lorren love that you put Walter pictures on so the girls can see. Mom K.

  5. KATIE! These are SO GOOD! I am continually amazed by your mad photography skills. Will you come live with me so you can be my personal photographer? Pretty please? :)

  6. Hey ... did you use an action on these to get that coloring or did you just adjust the pictures yourself in photoshop?