Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A list of ten

Hey everyone, it's Brent. Thanks for all of your nice comments on our first blog post. This is my first ever blog post ever. I consider myself a very bad writer, so hopefully you will be reading my posts for the content rather than the form. Actually, I've decided to make my first ever blog post ever a list of ten things I want all of my readers to know. Here it goes.

1) I came up with the name of the blog "The Grand Life." Give credit where credit is due.
2) As a Cincinnatian for only 4 years, I have quickly grown a love for the Reds and Bengals and I will continue to be a die-hard follower of both teams even from Grand Cayman. If you are not a fan of both of these teams, you should be.
3) I want to get a Jeep Wrangler in Grand Cayman and drive around with the top down, Bob Marley on the radio, Katie's hair flying in the wind, and Walter's slobber flying out the back of the jeep as we drive along the beach. If you want to picture this, make sure you picture the steering wheel on the right side of the car because the drive on the left side of the road in Grand Cayman.
4) I will eat a lot of seafood in Grand Cayman.
5) We are leaving Walter with my parents for 2 and half months before he is allowed to join us on the Island (thanks mom and dad for watching him). We feel guilty about leaving him behind so we've been letting him sleep in bed with us lately. It's miserable.
6) I'm very worried that our life won't be interesting enough to keep people coming back to our blog. I'll have to post lots of pictures of Katie on the beach. She looks good in a bikini.
7) If you are reading this and you've never seen Travie McCoy's music video for "Billionaire" you should watch it. It makes me want to get a Vespa so bad.
8) We are very excited to see what God is going to do in our lives in the Caymans - to see how we can minister to others, get involved in a church, and grow.
9) I wanted to start this blog but Katie designed the header, wrote all of the pages, and did everything else involved in creating a blog. She is amazing.
10) Katie pressured me to get a job abroad, then when I did, she didn't want to go anymore. Typical.
11) I'm more in love with Katie now than I ever have been before and I can't wait to go on this adventure with her.
12) I love everyone in Katie's family and my family so stinking much. We have the worlds greatest families. We are so blessed by God.

Okay, you got two bonus items on the list of ten. Once I started, I couldn't stop.

Thanks for reading. I love you all.


  1. i just read this again and it is so good! you write such good posts, i should let you write them all from now on. i love you so much!

  2. oh brent you crack me up! hahahaha. I am going to miss you guys so much.

    1. I want to burn you a mix for your Wrangler.
    2. The bengals suck. I had them on my fantasy team and they are the first team to ever give me negative points.
    3. Kate is awesome. I FULLY agree.. I am going to miss her so so so much!! She brings so much joy into my life.
    4. I cant wait to visit you guys. Although since I am a mom now I will wear a mom bathing suit while Katie frolics on the beach in her bikini.
    10. I secretly hope Katie gets pregnant while you guys are over there. hahahaha.

  3. Brent, you were so tricky bringing us in with low expectations of your writing abilities! the post was great. lists are great and especially ones that are funny.

    Hope your new adventure is the best, Katie + Brent!

  4. I LOVE it!!!! What a GREAT list!!!! I want to picture you guys on the Cayman's so bad!! But not just in my head.... I really, really hope we get to visit you.

    You're very creative and cute, Brent. Very entertaining, keep the posts coming. Even when you think its boring. Love you guys so much!

  5. Oh, Brenty! You crack me up! Can't wait to come visit you in December and be part of your "Grand Life." Ha! But I second Elizabeth -- I will also be wearing my "mommy" swim suit and not an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini. (Is that how you spell weeny?)

  6. Walter is staying with us for 2 1/2 months?!!! Somehow 75 days seemed so much shorter! We are looking forward to having him stay here but he is not sleeping in the bed (unless Dad is out of town). I loved your first blog post, Brent. Very well done. (Katie, surprise everyone reading the blog with a photo of your new bathing suit.) We love you two! Looking forward to new posts!

  7. Great job, Brent! Great work, Katie! We are so excited for your and Katie and so proud of each of you. We know God has brought you together for special works and we are anxious to see how things develop for you.

  8. I liked how Elizabeth tried to trick us with her list of ten...only she jumped from 4 to 10! Wonder who got her sidetracked?
    I have no doubt we'll be seeing LOTS of Katie pictures in her Cayman beach "wardrobe"!!! I will especially look for the one with her hair blowing around in the convertible...every girl I see in a convertible has the window UP to keep her hair in place.
    You know what I just realized? You two really ARE going to leave!!!! This really is happening!

  9. Hi Katie! Thanks for your comment- I'll go ahead and say no, I don't think its weird to read someone's blog, especially if you're about to embark on the same journey as us! Feel free to e-mail me at cadams0512@gmail.com with whatever questions you want. Two or three people have done this before, and I really enjoy helping anyone I can. I will be following along to read your story! :)

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  11. As my hubby has a Vespa I decided to go and check out the Travie McCoy music vid....
    Check out 1:45...there are three Scooters, all you need to do is get a yellow one. JP has the white, Jeremy the green, it's just missing you in the video on a yellow one!!!
    We used to have a yellow 50cc Japanese scooter for our first two years on island (His name was Mielie ), top speed 27mph ...but he died. We upgraded to a cool white Vespa... still deciding on a name for the speedy beaut!

  12. Mielie (pronounced MeeLee) is Afrikaans for Corn on the Cob =)