Sunday, September 12, 2010

It Starts

Ta da. Our first blog post. This blog is really Brent's brain child. He's been begging me to set up a blog to document our adventures in (and getting to) Grand Cayman. He swears he's going to write his own updates all the time...we'll see :) He asked today if he can write updates about anything (even the Reds) and I won't delete them. I said anything goes. Brace yourselves...

Check out the tabs above to read our story and see pictures. And leave lots of comments so we can feel the love!


  1. Perfect timing! I just cleared out my "Bookmarks". Now I can add this one and it won't get lost among the potential vaca-rentals in Pigeon Ford and Myrtle Beach and Outer Banks, etc.! This is a great idea, Brent and Katie! We'll be watching for new posts with anticipation!... and we will always leave a comment, whether you want it or not. Oh, yes, and because I don't know how to choose an identity, our comments - at least from me - will be from "anonymous". Love you, can't wait to visit you in the Caymens!

  2. i'm very scared, nervous, and EXCITED for Brent's "anything goes" posts!!! (and of course i'm also excited for Katie's posts because i already know i love all of those!)

  3. Woo hoo! I'm so glad you guys are doing this!! I'm also looking forward to the random posts from Brent. :o) You guys should start something like take a picture under arches in the Caymens or pictures on different park benches or something like that to follow your time there.

  4. yayyyyy i am so happy.. please update often.. and i mean everyday. I expect over 600 posts by the time you return. O miss you already!

  5. This makes me happyhappyhappy! Now you'll never be more than a laptop away! You last few weeks here will fly by....and for that matter, your Grand 2 years in the Caymans will seem like a snap of the finger. LIVE your adventure out loud, and we'll live it vicariously on your blog!
    xo! MamaBear

  6. I am PUMPED that you guys are doing this! It's going to be really fun to get a glimpse of your adventure together.

  7. Hi Katie (and Brent)
    So, I know that I am a year behind in reading your blog.... but as I am a slave to order (not to the point of being a perfectionist....but close) I am endeavouring to read all your blog posts starting from the very beginning... a very good place to start (I feel a song coming on!)!
    Look forward to reading about your life in Cayman, yes, even though we live here too and have been for the last four years!!!
    It's great to have you two here on island