Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photography Workshop

Around Christmas last year, Jenn, Sheena and I started talking about doing a photography workshop, and I mentioned that I have a good friend from college who is a professional photographer (check out her blog - she's seriously amazing). I was so excited when Holly said she would be willing to come and teach us a few things.  We organized a one-day session for a group of ten.  We got nine hours of Holly's brilliance and she got a vacation in Grand Cayman.  Win - win!

I especially enjoyed having Holly stay with us for a week.  She is such a fun girl, quick to laugh and full of wisdom on make-up, diet, skincare, photography, and all other kinds of great stuff.  In turn, I taught her how to relax and master the art of doing nothing.  There's nothing like learning from a pro :)

Here we are at Grand Old House's pasta night

The workshop was a success.  We had people with various levels of experience, but everyone took away something.  I'm proud to say that the rest of these pictures were taken in Manual, which was my big goal for the day (I had previously only shot in Av Mode).  They are nothing fancy, but at least the exposure is about right.  Now I just need lots and lots of practice!

Some of my fellow learners

During the practice part of the session, our friends Max and Angie agreed to be our models.  I don't think they knew what they were getting into!  It can't be easy to have ten people circled around you snapping pictures.  But they handled it like pros.  And how can you not get great shots when your model looks like this?

Practicing around the apartment.  Look at that face!

One afternoon Holly and I did a little photography walk around Lime Tree Bay.  It was fun to play with all her lenses!

LTB pool - a shot I could never get with my 50mm!

Thanks again to Holly for coming to visit and teaching us so much.  I love having you as my photography mentor and friend!


  1. you're so talented... i don't think you need any lessons!

  2. Ditto, Jess! So glad you got the LTB pool photo. Nice memory!

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