Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Weekend

Last weekend, Brent had off work Friday and Monday for Easter. Four Day weekends are my favorite!

Friday morning:
Dunkin Donuts. One of the happiest places on earth.

Easter Sunday:
Easter wasn't very traditional this year - no baskets, dyed eggs, or big family dinner. We went to church in the morning, then played a game and went to the theater with Jeremy and Sheena (can't get enough Hunger Games). That evening, we met up with five of our friends for "breakfast for dinner." It was a fun day, even if it wasn't especially "Easter-y." We are very thankful for friends who can serve as our pseudo-family during these times.

Monday Afternoon
On Monday we went to Cemetery Beach for a bit. I love this blue, blue water!

Lotion up, buddy!

We headed to George Town in the afternoon. Poked around a few shops and got drinks at Cafe Del Sol.

Can't forget this guy!


  1. Oh, now that we are in the count down of you coming back to the states, we just can't seem to wait any longer. The longing to have you near is so intense! Now that Lorren's pool is opened, the girls talk about swimming in the pool with Kiki and Brenty. That's the highlight of last summer. These photos just make us miss you more!!!

  2. You really need to check out Paperman's. If DD is one of the happiest places on earth, then Paperman's might qualify as heaven. :)