Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend Sun

Ok, time to hit up some of these overdue posts. These pictures take place the weekend of January 13-14...over a full month ago, I know! But since I've finally got them edited, I might as well share.

Friday night Brent, Walter and I went to the beach to watch another lovely sunset. I don't know why my days feel too busy to make sunset gazing a more regular occurrence. It's a shame really.

Brent, post-Christmas vacation, pre-surgery. He was supposed to be wearing glasses the three weeks before surgery (contacts change the shape of your cornea), but he insisted on taking them off before every picture. Which is also a shame because he looked really cute in his Harry Potter-esk glasses.

On Saturday afternoon, we hung out at the Ritz beach with Jeremy and Sheena. Ah, I love luxury. You can't beat heavily padded loungers and soft, thick towels.

Sun for some, shade for others

I don't even really have anything else to write here. After my last wordy post, you're probably welcoming the break!

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  1. The cruise ship photo is AWESOME. I'm sure that ship was FULL of shutterbugs that night!