Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Cayman

In January, we rented a house in Little Cayman with ten of our friends. I was excited to have a long weekend, but in the back of my head was wondering why we were leaving one island to sit on the beach in another island. But I totally underestimated how wonderful an island getaway can be! It was better than I could have imagined. It really felt like a little pseudo family vacation. We rotated handling the meals, laid around in our pjs together every morning and played games together every night. It was such a relaxing and happy weekend!

One of the more "thrilling" parts of the trip was our ride in the tiny Cayman Airways plane. The plane only sat 16 people, with an open cockpit to the pilots.

Once arriving, I was immediately enamored with the sister island's airport. The little wooden plaque above the overhang says "Terminal A, Gate #1."

This is the five bedroom house we shared. The downstairs had a kitchen, huge living room and a table that could fit all 12. It was perfect!

We arrived right at sunset. I grabbed my camera to get a quick shot as we settled in.

After playing several rounds of "mafia" (or "werewolves" as my family calls it), we went out to star gaze. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this:

(Photo by Jenn Smith)

Because Little Cayman is so remote and there's so little light pollution, you can see millions of stars. You can see the Milky Way. You can see stars behind stars. It was incredible. I don't think I've ever seen so many stars at once.

Saturday afternoon was filled with kayaking, football, reading, games, and napping.

Coconut bocce - how island-y

Another gorgeous sunset

Day 2 - more of the same. I don't mind looking up from my reading and seeing this:

No one can resist sunset pictures

The whole group! I love these people.

(photo by Jenn Smith)

Our flight left at 4:00 on Monday, so everyone did their best to squeeze in some final drops of relaxation.

Check in at the tiny airport was a joy. Here's check-in/baggage weighing/security.

Rollerblading down the runway - why not?

Headed home

It was an awesome weekend - I really didn't want to leave! It was a little easier knowing we were flying back to another beautiful island though. So thankful for wonderful friends and memories!


  1. So funny about the airport! You are way braver than me - I don't think I would have gone just to avoid getting in that plane.

  2. No way! Your post cracked me up! Maybe it's because I am sitting in NJ and laughing that you left one island to go to another =). So fun! Your pictures are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! The canoe picture is awesome . . . the canoe reminds me of our upstate NY house, but the surrounding scenery is just a tad different =) The colors are just amazing, is that really what you live in every day?!? Fun to see all your adorable friends. Thanks for making me feel "warm" tonight and giving me a glimpse of yet another piece of God's beautiful creation!

  3. Those are beautiful photos of little cayman. I've always wondered what its like there and if its well worth the journey to check out and it looks like it just might be. I enjoy your photos of grand cayman a lot, i can't seem to find many blogs with good photos of the island. yours do it justice :) keep up the good work.