Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blue Cilantro Brunch

Last week our friends Steven and Emily came to visit.  It was sort of unfortunate timing because it happened to be one of Brent's busiest weeks at work.  The poor guy worked from 7am to 7pm, came home for an hour long dinner, then went back to work till midnight.  Luckily we got to spend lots of time with them over the weekend.  We decided to invite them to one of our favorite splurges on island - Sunday brunch.  In the past, we've always gone to Agua, but this time we decided to try a newer restaurant that just opened in December.  It was such a fun experience!  Most Sunday brunches are a big open buffet, but at Blue Cilantro you actually order from a menu.  You can order as many things as you like for one flat rate.  Fresh toast - yes, please.  Omelet - you bet.  Eggs Benedict - sure, why not?  Pancakes - keep them coming.  The service was amazing and the food presentation was beautiful.  After a three hour meal, we definitely got our money's worth!

Our wonderful guests

 Brace yourselves, there's a whole lot of food pictures coming up...

 Have you ever seen prettier little pancakes?

 Time for the main entrees

Dessert platter

More pictures from Steven and Emily's visit coming in the next post!

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  1. We may have to come back just to visit Blue Cilantro. Looks so inviting. I am glad you are posting more of their visit. I loved the sunset photos....eating/chilling on the beach. I'm already praying for you to be able to leave all this to come home "happily!" And I'm saving my miles so that you two can go back for a visit.