Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach Pajama Party

I've said many times on this blog what a blessing our Cayman friends have been these last two years.  Grand Cayman has an interesting relationship dynamic.  Almost no one is living by family, so people "need" each other more.  We spend weekends, work nights, and holidays together, and eventually become a little pseudo-family.  The island social scene is never stagnant - there are always people arriving and leaving.  Somehow in these waves of comings and goings, the six of us found each other.

Jeremy and Sheena left on Sunday to spend their summer back in Oregon.  Since Brent and I will be moving home mid-July, this was the last weekend we could all six be together (for at least a while).  The Smiths and Stricklands planned an awesome day which included an afternoon at the Ritz, a PJ party on the beach and making breakfast for dinner together one last time.

These pictures on the beach were so fun.  Everyone got really into it, throwing out ideas for pictures.  Thank you trusty tripod!

Go crazy!

Coming up with another can tell Jenn isn't on board.  The boys decide we should go for a six person pileup.

Jenn's obviously still skeptical...

...and I guess we should have listened.

This is the pose that almost killed Sheena.  The first try had her second to the bottom.  Her blue face clearly indicated that wasn't our best idea.  After she recovered we gave it another go with a new arrangement.  Much better!

Love these people


We will miss the sunsets, the beaches, the food and so many other "island" things, but for sure these faces will be the thing we miss the most.


  1. Such a sweet post! Enjoy your last few weeks!!

  2. Aw I'm so glad you guys found such awesome friends on "your island" what a blessing!! A what a fun photoshoot!!

  3. Isn't is awesome that God knows exactly what you need, exactly when you need it? Blessings to you guys as you prepare to move back to the states. Lots of love and prayers go with you!