Sunday, March 18, 2012

This and That

Sunset Drinks at Calico Jacks

Get ready: I've got a lot of sunset beach pictures coming up these next few posts. I'll take as many Cayman sunsets as I can get! One night, we met up with Jenn and Nate at Calico Jacks to enjoy some tropical drinks. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Weeknight Sunsets

We are now officially in Brent's busy season. Since he's been working till 7:30 or 8pm the last couple weeks, I've had some extra evening hours to fill. Walter and I are trying to fit in more sunset walks on the beach. Exercise for the dog, soul-recharge for me.

Maybe my favorite sunset picture yet? It's definitely up there.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

Our friend Brad celebrated his big 3-0 birthday with a three part-celebration. Brent and I met up with the b-day boy and his lovely wife for drinks at Michael's. As always, Camana Bay doesn't disappoint.

As darkness fell, I snapped this little shot of one of the fountains all lit up. Kids love to run and play in the water. There's something for everyone here!

House Hunters International

Last Thursday, Jenn and Nate made their House Hunters International debut! Brent and I went over to their apartment to watch the show with them. They had wine, dark chocolate and a bunch of international cheese. That's my kind of party!

The show was wonderful. They both looked great and were total naturals. I felt so honored to be watching with the stars! It was very surreal to see my friends on a show we watch all the time. To read more about their experience, check out Jenn's blog. If you missed the first show, you should try to catch a rerun. Brent and I make a brief cameo in the bonfire scene at the end :)


  1. Great post, Katie! I do love that sunset shot as well!! Dad and I had so much fun watching House Hunters International. Great show - super cute couple shopping for the apartment! Thank you for posting, Katie. Good for my "missing you two" soul. Love, Mom K

  2. I am so putting the rerun date on my calendar!!!!

    When I need a break from the rigors of evening teacher work, I always visit your blog for a little R and R. Thanks for the awesome pics. I can almost smell the salty air from my kitchen table!! ;)

  3. I miss you guys!! Your friends look so nice! Wish I was there too!

  4. Great photos - which make us miss you even more. Katie, you do a great job showing the beauty of the island and the wonderful friends you have!

  5. wow i'm totally digging all of these sunset pictures! you know how i love "the sun doing what it does best"! i wish i was as awesome as a photographer as you or that i had the opportunity to see so many awesome beach sunsets as you!

  6. House #3 was the way to go
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