Monday, September 19, 2011

This and That

It's been a while since the old blog got an update. Here's a couple pictures to highlight what we've been up to.

Jodi's First Birthday

Our friends JP and Lisa celebrated their daughter's first birthday with a cupcake party at Camana Bay. Jodi loved her first taste of sugar!

Seven Mile Beach Sunset

Brent had a Friday night work event a week ago, so I decided to walk to the beach by myself. Once I got there, I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. I snapped two pictures and had to turn around. The trip wasn't a complete waste - I also got TCBY on the way home :)

It's funny...when we moved here we were told that the mosquitoes were awful, but I hadn't felt one bite. I'm usually extremely prone to the little beast, so I thought at last I had found a breed that didn't like me. Little did I know that the mosquitoes didn't show up till about June. I can't wait till fall when we can enjoy the evening weather again!

Date Night

This Friday night Brent and I went on a date to Hemingways. We actually made a list of all the restaurants we've been to on island (the purpose being to make sure we hit all of our favorites again), and I was shocked at the number! We decided to try somewhere new; Hemingways is the restaurant at Grand Cayman Beach Suites. We had the place to ourselves!

This is the complimentary appetizer from the chef. Brent thought he said it was parsley custard...

My beef dish was AMAZING. It had apples, blackberries, caramelized onions and several kinds of sauce. Even the bread sticks were delectable. Brent's pan seared wahoo wasn't as good, but I was glad we were able to split both.

Lazy Weekends

Every now and then we'll pull out the couch to cuddle and watch a movie. Here's Brent checking some fantasy football.

Walter loves the pull out couch too!

It's been pretty rainy recently. July and August didn't feel like "rainy season," but it's been especially cloudy this week. The last two Saturdays we took Walter to Spotts beach, and left when we saw lightning. I don't mind a little rain - it's nice to tuck away inside to watch football (Brent) and do some reading (Katie). I just hope it clears up for Lorren and Cole's visit in two weeks!


  1. I hope it clears up too! But I'm not worried, we'll have fun no matter what. I'm still just disappointed that me and my baby can't swim with those baby-lovin' dolphins!

  2. I always love looking at your photos Katie! But this post only had lines where I would have thought pictures would appear...or is it just me and my computer.

  3. Thanks for fixing the pictures in this post. The colors in the sunset pics are gorgeous. Too bad the nasty mosquitoes prevented you from getting more shots.