Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Greenville Summer Visit

Hi everyone,

This is Brent writing a post again. Katie asked me to write this post because she thought it was only fair for her to write about Cincinnati with her family and for me to write about Greenville with my family. I'm eager to please my wife, so I complied. (Note from Katie - if I knew it was going to take this long, I would have done it myself! Yeesh!)

First off, I just want to say that I think the pictures that Katie took on our visit back to the States may be my favorites she has ever taken. She is getting so good at photography and editing pictures. (Aw, now I feel bad about my earlier comment.) Take a look at this shot of Pressley. All the nieces loved to wear the "glasses" even though they look painful and didn't stop water from getting into their eyes.

I love this next picture. These girls are so blessed to be living near each other and growing up together. We spent most of our time in Greenville at Lorren and Cole's new house in order to take full advantage of the pool. The three-year-old girls are amazing swimmers and can jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder without any flotation devices! I was impressed. The one-year-olds also love the water, but needed a little more attention.

One night we hired a baby sitter to watch the kiddos while the adults had some grown-up time. we played games, ate lots of food, and drank lots of drinks. This lead to deep conversations and some very enlighting confessions. :)

Cole let Savannah pour the blue raspberry syrup in her slushy. I think she used half the bottle which resulted in a very blue tongue and a very cute picture. I love how kids do weird things with their hands...

We LOVED spending time with our nieces and nephew in Greenville, but it was also nice to get some more laid back time. Mom and Dad took us to their favorite new restaurant in Greenville for a great dinner. It's not hard to tell these two are sisters, huh?

Hailey has been a hard nut to crack for me on our previous visits (such a momma's girl), but this time was different. I think we really bonded. Isn't she adorable? She is such a girly girl.

The rest of these pictures are from a day at the park. We did all the usual activities - swing on swingset, slide down slide, and ride bikes/wagons. This particular park even had a train that we could ride.

Shouldn't this kid by a child model (even with blue chalk all over his face)? He really ought to be in catalogs or Gap kids commercials.

I love to play with these kids and I'm pretty sure they like to play with me too. But, they LOVE their aunt Kiki (Katie). Sometimes I get a little jealous because I try so hard for those kids to like me (read: "smother them") and Katie just lays back, plays it cool and watches them flock to her. It must be because she is a girl.

Here is Lorren and Cole with Hailey riding on the train. Great shot of Hailey's "confused" face.

Me with Savi - doesn't she look 6 years old?

We had a great trip in Greenville, from the time that the ENTIRE family picked us up at the Greyhound bus station with "welcome home" signs until we got dropped off at the airport. Thank you, Dad, David, Cole, and Michelin, for taking vacation days from work everyday we were in Greenville.

My sincerest apologies to Katie for never taking the camera and actually getting some pictures of my wife. I will do better next time.

Thanks for reading. Love you all.


  1. Best post ever! You are such a sweet uncle. I love how much you love those kiddos. I'm so happy to have you as my husband!

  2. Well said, Brent. So adorable that the majority of your words are about those precious children :) xo. Abby & Family

  3. These pictures are awesome Katie (and Brent??)!! Brent, nice job . . . I'm pretty sure Matt wouldn't touch my blog with a 10 foot pole :-) Those kids are so stinkin' cute, I guess I have to be thankful for good genetics! Thanks for keeping me updated on our family . . . although it's pretty bad I have to get updates on family from family living in the Cayman Islands?!?! So glad you got to make some more memories. Love all of you!

  4. Great post, Brent! Great photos, Katie! It was a week of family togetherness. 2 John 4 say "It has given me great joy to find some children walking in the truth." That is the joy of our hearts. But we are also blessed in that our children not only love each other but also like each other.