Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flower Power

When I walk Walter around our complex every day, I see so many gorgeous flowers, all different shapes and colors. One evening while Brent was working out I decided to walk around with my camera and capture a few. It was fun to photograph something besides the beach, food, and Walter!

I love this little pink flower!

These are my absolute favorite. What a lucky flower to have purple, pink, orange, AND yellow!

Berries on a palm tree

I love to imagine God at work during the creation process. He must have been having so much fun picking all these colors and designing the intricate details. I love that the creativity I use in my career or when I take pictures is an indicator that I was created in His image; it's a trait I inherited from my heavenly Father!

Only SIX DAYS till I'll be taking pictures of my awesome family - I can't wait!


  1. So pretty - they could all be greeting cards! I love living around vibrant colors all the time.

  2. Praising God for the beauty of His creation. Thank you for the reminder, Katie. So blessed to claim you as "ours".