Thursday, June 9, 2011

This and That

Sunsets and Fashion

You know we love our sunset walks on the beach. This one took place the day after we got back from NJ. When returning from a trip off island, we flock to Seven Mile Beach ASAP. It's our way of regrouping - a reminder, "Ah yes, this is why we left family, friends, home, and everything familiar. But of course."

Brent and I were thrilled that we got to squeeze in a mall visit while in the States (American shopping, oh how I miss you!). Note the new apparel:

Hat - PacSun $15, Dress - H&M $12

Brent was looking handsome in his new shirt too. (Walter got cut out of these pictures because he wasn't being a good little model.)

Even masked by clouds, the sunset is a glorious thing.

Sweet Sister

Last week, I got this wonderful care package from my sister Amy.

Cincinnati Bengals pens, Cincinnati Reds napkins, lipsmackers, eye make-up, head band, and stationary. My sister knows exactly what makes Brent and me smile. Getting this package was like like getting a little taste of home. It made me feel missed, which I know is a silly thing to want but I like it all the same.

In related news, this amazing sister just got engaged last Saturday! I am so excited to see her as a beautiful bride and to stand beside her as a bridesmaid. I love you, Ames!

Sleeping Beauty

Last but not least, some OLD shots of Walter. I've had these on my point and shoot for such a long time, but since I hardly ever use that camera, I completely forgot about them. These pictures were taken on two different days when I looked over as I was working and spotted Walter in some unusual positions.

He sure does know how to get comfy! I was telling my mom the other day that the best part of having a dog (for me) is how much he makes us laugh. I always wanted a snuggle-y dog, but Walter likes his own space. He may not be the cuddliest pup, but he is a constant source of comic relief. I just love this little guy!

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